Friday, April 23, 2010


Pads has done 3 full days of school in a row this week - Weds, Thursday and Friday (the school was closed for Monday/Tuesday). This is the first time since before chemo. He was still buzzing irrepressibly tonight until gone 10pm! He was first up to thank Pastor John Woollam for his message at the young people's Gospel Preaching Rally.
He's planning on going to school Monday-Thursday next week, although there's a clinic on Tuesday which will interrupt that a bit.
Amazingly, he says he doesn't really remember a lot about last year - he even says he got off pretty lightly, compared with the leukemics who have much longer chemo, and some others who actually died on treatment.

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Susanna said...

Brilliant news! And was that John Woollam from Smeatharpe? He is a lovely man.