Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good clinic

Pads is having a day off school tomorrow. He's done 4 days this week(!) and was looking tired at 6:50 this morning when mum took him his cuppa. He's done really well though. His form tutor congratulated him on keeping up as well as he has - with maths he's only a little behind, simply because most of the other children have been in Machen through the lower school where maths is taught with rigor: Moli found the adjustment challenging - still does.
Yesterday Pads had another session with the play therapist, both she and his consultant thought he looked fantastic. The clinic was on Tuesday, but he only missed the last hour of the school day for it. His weight and height were a healthy 38.6 kilos and 146.7 cm. His height is a concern because of the radiotherapy, which could stunt the accelerated growth spurt that most children get between the ages of 10 and 15; the normal steady growth should continue unabated. So he's being lined up to meet a pair of endocrinologists (they hunt in twos apparently). It is possible that, because of his 'tall' genes, they may take no action at all.
The consultant vowed to give the 'plumbing removal team' a nag as Pads has been disappointed that he's still got George this side of Easter, the date originally mooted. Not forgetting what a lifeline it's been, the PEG does inhibit all sorts of activities... all in good time.
After the clinic he went for a port flush (needle into port) and didnt even need to hold (i.e. crush) mum's hand! What a trooper!

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