Friday, May 7, 2010

News of Thyroxin and George

The consultant had called on Tuesday to say that the recent blood test had showed that his thyroid was under-performing. Another blood test was required to confirm - he popped in for that in the afternoon.
Yesterday Ally went in on her own to talk over the diagnosis and some of the lingering effects of treatment. This was very helpful as they were able to talk freely, enabling Al to explain it to Pads in turn. The radiotherapy to Pads head had likely affected his hormone production, leaving him lacking energy and spark. This was manifested on Monday when Pads had gone on his first cycle-ride since August 2008. He was OK until becoming hopelessly exhausted and distressed attempting to ascend a hill on the way home.
The thyroxin ought to greatly help with this kind of thing. Good news - even though it might mean taking it for a long time to come.
The other good news was that a date has been set to get the PEG and the port out in one operation: 27th of May. This was very encouraging news to Pads who has been very patient as hopes of the operation going ahead at Easter faded.
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