Monday, May 31, 2010


Pads was more cheery and mobile today, especially when Moli, Hannah and Reuben visited.
He's also eating as well as he was before surgery. There is still the wearingly stiff neck, he's protecting it somewhat... but such is his determination to get out tomorrow that he's carefully trying to flex it, ahead of the anticipated workout with a physio. Thankful for 'small mercies', there are no staples this time, just self-disolving stitches.
Having watched a few films, finding it difficult to concentrate on much else, Pads grew restive this afternoon. So mum brought his wheelchair in and we embarked on a gentle tour of the hospital, pausing at the 'lake' where he enjoyed a Thorntons ice-cream in the sun. It was not that warm though so we retired to the canteen where a popadom took his fancy.

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