Friday, May 28, 2010

Worst 24 hours over

According to the surgeon, the first 24 hours are the worst, with the wound at it's most sore etc. Pads has had a remarkably good day, although he would not admit to that - at times he's been in quite a lot of pain and discomfort. He's been moving about, particularly for the MRI scan this morning, and eating and drinking. The catheter, sensor pads and all but 2 of the lines came out in the morning. This took a bit of yelping as the cannulas are usually firmly stuck down. He's getting a drip overnight to keep his fluid balance up. The PCA morphine was taken off him early too - it had done it's job of keeping him out of trouble but it was also giving him a lot of itchiness in the afternoon. Eventually the piriton seemed to help so that, by this evening, he was really sleepy and anticipating a better night than las night.
He's been moved to South Ward, cubicle 6. The surgeon agreed that he should be out within a few days if he carries on the good progress.
He's still pinching himself that the tumour came back, I think we all are to some extent.

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