Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fast over :-)

Fast over :-), originally uploaded by agent_mikejohnson.

We were all greatly relieved to see Pads looking so well after his operation today, especially because he could have been pushed onto tomorrow's list after a cup of tea (with milk) at 9:30 delayed the surgery by almost 2 hours.
So the PEG tube (George) has been banished, replaced by a discrete Mic-key button. He is determined not to name it, especially not to call it Mickey, after realising that even the consultant was referring to the PEG as George!
Instead of the PEG tube, he now has tubes down his left-hand side from the Hickman line. In the lift going to Day Surgery the nurse told us that Hickman lines are very expensive, in the order of £700.
We should find out the results of the lumbar puncture tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. He was always likely to stay in another night, not least because he's due a kidney function test (aka GFR) tomorrow first thing.
Meeting another couple from Aberystwyth on the ward, we were struck again at what an advantage we have living and working so close to the hospital. Their little one has to go all the way to Carmarthen if he spikes a temperature!

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