Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What we're looking at

What we're looking at, originally uploaded by agent_mikejohnson.

We've had a good few days of Pads feeling well and the operation yesterday went smoothly. We get the impression that the recent honeymoon period is drawing to an end.
Last night was a bit disturbed, with the operation sites giving pain. But, shortly before I ended my morning visit, the play therapist gave him a new wii console to set up for himself which soon got him moving. We're hoping to get out around lunch time, with the last blood sample being taken at 12:30, to finish off the kidney function test.
The ward was has been quite busy but the consultant was able to share some of the plans last night. These are highly contingent on the results of the lumbar puncture, kidney function test (or GFR), and how well he can cope with the chemo to come. As this is more toxic than before, we're also 'going for broke', we will have to be prepared to sacrifice more in terms of enduring side effects (e.g. hearing loss at high pitches).

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