Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tentative treatment plan v1

So Pads left hospital yesterday at about 3pm after a slight hiccup. With three cuts, two punctures and a shuffled belly, it was hard to get comfortable on Tuesday night and we think that contributed to a nasty back spasm: he was worried it was another tumour. Pain relief eased it and eventually he got home looking 'stiff as a board'. We've encouraged him to move about though today and the wii clearly helps motivate that.
In the absence of the lumbar puncture result, I spent a while getting my head around the treatment plan. Pads had not realised how long it would take and we are feeling it's looking pretty harsh. The visiting nurse was just on the phone though and she was reassuring us that they wouldn't put us through it if it wasn't worth trying.

Treatment plan v.1

Click on the image if you want to see it all or get a bigger version. Supposing you can read my scrawl, the dates are all highly subject to how well he is able to take the higher dose chemo, thus they're on a whiteboard. To explain one thing, they may decide that he cannot tolerate 3 cycles of high-dose chemo. In which case, they'll stick with two cycles of that and move straight to the 'mega-dose' chemo, bringing the treatment end date within October, but this is all highly tentative.

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