Monday, June 28, 2010


Pads was still quite hunched up yesterday, but that's loosening up as the Hickman line heals. Until that happened there was only a stitch keeping the line in place, so even though it was literally a pain to get off, it would probably be a preferred outcome to the line coming out by accident.
We've found that Pads is unable to cope with talking about treatment until the time is right. That time came at 5.15 Sunday evening, and there followed a lot of questions about the coming week. It's the G-CSF injections and there are some (limited) options around having a needle every day or having a cannula which would stay in for a number of days, reducing the number of jabs. The only option Pads wants between these choices is the one with no pain. He starts to feel threatened and no-one can move their hand in his direction without him starting to panic, even if he's buried his eyes in the DS. But, with the numbing cream on his injection site, he hardly noticed the tiny canula going into his thigh. But the G-CSF goes in just under the skin and he really got upset with the stinging. He walked to and, more slowly, back from the hospital. His tummy's been quite upset today so further outings were not really advisable.
He's struggling too with the overwhelming speed of the stages of this treatment. There's no let-up compared to the previous regime, but it is a very virulent tumour and this is his chance to beat it. We're glad that cure is still a reasonable hope, but we know various people we who have and have not survived cancer. Whenever we go into the hospital we always meet people who are coping with all sorts of hard situations: one with a tumour growing around his spine that's paralysing him and another with a slow-growing tumour around the brain stem and his breathing stops occasionally. Another one like that has ADHD too, and then his tumour suddenly took off and needed chemo. We brain tumour cases are a hard category, apparently.
Somehow, in connecting up the feed, they failed to clamp it properly and the issue justified a change of sheets. But, amazingly, he seems to be quite bright this evening. More G-CSF at 9am tomorrow...

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