Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting about a bit more

It was hard work waiting this morning for the medics to phone us today. We were supposed to be finding out a bit more of 'what next'. The whole situation can feel quite draining, physically, mentally and motivationally. But we eventually decided to get out and deliver our alotted invites to the annual Summer Conference, being held in Cardiff for the first time this year.
The phone call came after lunch and, in the event, it was brief:
  1. The lingering element of uncertainty over the post-op scan had been dispelled and it was confirmed to be clear (dye is injected prior to a scan to highlight any remaining tumour).
  2. The histology confirmed that this is just the same type of tumour as the one removed in August 2008
  3. We will not find out more re. further treatments until the end of this week or the start of the next one. Our consultant was in conversation with Barry Pizer of Alderhey.
Meanwhile, Pads has had a good day. Although by 9pm he was asking for pain relief, really he's not needed very much at all. This was in spite of quite a bit of activity after a slow start. He and Moli enjoyed a visit from Reuben and then we went to Roath Park for an ice cream and a row. After that we went to friends for tea and Pads enjoyed playing on their wii for quite a while.
Many of those who prayed audibly in the meeting tonight mentioned Pads although another older friend, Harold, is just starting an agressive regime of chemo, also for a brain tumour.
We regularly hear of other congregations adding their voices to a veritable chorus of prayer. Today we were assured of petitions from Ireland, Inverness, Swansea and Barnstaple.
Pads, Mol and Reuben enjoying the swingset in the June sun

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