Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello carboplatin and etoposide

So Pads had a new drug today, etoposide. He also had carboplatin, which he was switched onto after the cisplatin was thought to be affecting his hearing towards the end of treatment in 2009. This time they're going to be less ginger about side effects in order to give as much of the new treatment regime as possible. Once again, having been buoyant in the morning, he wilted at noon, eventually getting it together again by later on in the afternoon. The dip was at and after the meeting with our consultant and so he was in no mood to welcome the thought of daily injections into his skin. These are the stem-cell stimulant. He won't even have a new needle prick every day, the plan is to use a type of cannula. We're grateful that he was fine to have the chemo, which took about 3 hours, or was it 5... anyway, we won't know how he's reacting to the new treatment until after the drugs start to really take effect, sometime next week.
Later on a couple of his dressings were painstakingly removed. The one near his left collar bone has been quite inhibiting so now he feels a lot freer.
He's been getting regular messages via his mobile phone although I dont think his responses are especially inspired :-) Again, just let me know if you want the number.
In other news, Moli completed her series of exams towards a Welsh GCSE, Ash was off school feeling exhausted and Bo was rather sad at having his bike stolen overnight last night. We've already had offers of help with this and he could, of course, use Pads' bike, but it was a shame all the same.
Bo on his birthday bike

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hello. could we have his number and email? Thanks