Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So far so good

We're grateful to report that Pads is getting on ok with this chemo so far, although there are signs it's starting to have an effect, even if that's 'just' psychological!
There was no telling if his body might take an instant dislike to it, and that's not happened. Now on day two, we were able to move on to talking about stem-cell harvest planning in earnest. Pads is just not interested in talking about daily injections of cell-production stimulant. These have to go into the skin, it just works better that way.
They've booked the machine in Bristol for the whole week of the 5th July: that's not because we're expecting to stay the whole week. It's a case of catching his stem cells at their most numerous, which is likely to be on the first or second day. That will require a needle in one arm to take the blood out and, after being filtered, the blood goes back into the Hickman line. He's got a new yellow sticker on his notes that says he's only to have iiradiated blood products. That is to prevent any foreign blood that might get transfused into his body from 'attacking' him.
Although he was getting some worrying symptoms over the weekend, we've talked that over too and pretty much discounted it as being caused by further tumour(s). Coming off steroids can account for feeling ill and the daily mid-day nap is also understandable.
Pads is enjoying getting txts but he's not sure what to reply, other than a simple 'thanks'.
Mum and Pads had a good sleep on Monday night and after chemo, lasting 3 hours, he was discharged and trundled home mid-afternoon with some help from our wheelchair. They'll be back tomorrow morning for another 3 hour infusion. That goes for Friday and Saturday too, although Saturday's is only 2 hours, as just one drug is being given.

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