Wednesday, June 30, 2010

School sports and reports

Pads is doing well. He'd not needed anti-sickness medicine this morning (although he clearly needed some by noon!). The administration of G-CSF, by the CLIC-Sargent funded visiting nurse, was almost a non-event. Although he's not eating very much, the overnight feed is supplementing his diet nicely. This morning he was able to attend all of mabolgampau (school sports). The smalls did us proud: Ash got a gold for the shot-put and greatly contributed to a silver for his relay team. Bo won the straight race heat and final, and put that speed to good use with his team's relay gold. There's no doubt that their relay efforts were a major factor in lifting their team's place from third to second overall.
In the afternoon the Christian Lewis Trust funded play therapist visited Pads. We'd called her in after such a hard time of it on Monday. We never know what they talk about, it keeps a welcome open channel for him to say whatever he wants to. We didnt risk him going out to Moli's choir concert tonight as it was like furnace in the church they use last year.
The 'bigs' school reports came home today. It was clear from every item that Pads is dearly missed. For example, 'a very polite young man who loves to talk reflectively and thoughtfully.... always respectful and always kind... a joy to be around and interesting to talk and listen to. We miss seeing him around school for these things and await his return in the next year...'
In other news, the LATCH social worker phoned to tell us that they give a small grant to children going into isolation, to spend on something to keep them amused. I suspect games for the PSP-go will be high on the shopping list.

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