Monday, July 19, 2010

2 Cycle of Chemo, doses 3 and 4

Well, thankfully, nothing much has happened with these infusions. We got a bit blasé about yesterday's, arriving about an hour late. Not that it mattered. Starting later just means finishing later. Perhaps it's testimony to how relaxing it was at Pete and Sharon's, P playing UNO with theirs and us chatting.
When he started feeling ill this morning we thought it was time to pop a dose of cyclizine through his tube, but this made him very dopey. At the hospital, it took the team a while to decide that there was nothing much wrong with him, and that chemo could go ahead as planned. It went up about 3pm and finished near 7pm.
He's in good spirits although his appetite is nearly nil. So he's back on two bottles of jollup per 24hrs, and we pushed some water through the tube this evening: it all helps flush the chemo away. The dietitian moved him off Pediasure Plus to Osmolite, of which we had a major delivery today. We turned back the two boxes of 10ml syringes though - what a mad waste! We'd never use them. Osmolite, sounding like something off the periodic table, has less fibre and more protien - suitable for a lad of his age.
The consultant is still talking about going straight to hi-dose chemo, rather than having another cycle like the current one. That'll be around the 13th August. An MRI scan is being booked for about then. After the last one, there's no danger of it feeling simply part of the routine.
With three kids gadding about the country, I spent quite a while in church today, helping with jobs in the build-up to our conference. In what must be a fairly unique move in 21st Century chapels, we've actually re-installed three rows of new pews behind the pulpit. Probably the previous owners ripped the originals out in favour of space for 'performances'. That's a shame, if not sacrilege. For us it's inspiring to think of the sanctuary filling up with people being so eager to hear the good news of Jesus Christ preached that they're willing to sit behind rather than miss out on a blessing of eternal worth.

Varnishing the new pews

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