Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last dose of the cycle

Pads has been feeling quite rough today. He was motivated to visit a dear elderly friend in poor health but just as he was about to leave he took a turn for the worse himself and had to abort. An hour later he was starting the last chemo infusion of this cycle. Once again, it passed without incident. Laughing out loud at 'Cool Runnings' helped pass the time. The nurses changed the ends of his Hickman line tubes and the dressing which covers the area where the line enters his skin. Although the nurse encouraged him to drink plenty, even orange juice is off the menu. I couldnt eat my chicken drumsticks anywhere near him because he couldnt cope with the smell. This is all pretty normal for someone on chemo. In fact, he did enjoy a cup of tea, and he's been tube fed all day, so his fluids are in good shape. But feeling quite ill a lot of the time is starting to get to him, so, small thing, but we're giving him a break from the feed pump overnight.

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