Monday, July 5, 2010

Blood on the way

It was a peaceful night. The counts are down again. Neutrophils to 0.03 again, down from 0.1 yesterday (they're supposed to be over 1). So the G-CSF has not kicked in just yet. His HB has also dropped to 7.8 today so that takes him below the 8 threshold and so 2 units of blood are on their way to x-ray en route to Pads.
His temp has just been taken and it's 37.9 (up from 37.7 earlier).
There's still a lot of pain around his tummy area -wincing a lot under the lightest of touches by the doctor. Pain scores vary between 3 when he's still to 5 when he moves about. We'd like to be moving off morphine, but not yet.
The teacher and play people are about but just a sniff of activity, like cleaning the mic-key button or sneaking down onto the floor (while mum was out) to be ill, is enough to keep him quiet for a while.

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Ruth said...

glad to hear the blood's on its way.

Is the BEVISH Bevis? Celine's husband?