Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Change of mic-key

Temps have been ok. He's been enjoying his cousin visiting playing him at PS2. He's lined up for a scan to investigate the tummy pain.
The tube feed (PEG) nurse top-scored for dread today. She took one look at the 'button' and decided it was too tight. Knowing Pads, she wanted to get on with it, allowing minimal time for worry. But Pads packed a life's worth of worry into the time he had. He had a boost of the oramorph and the nurses got some medazolan to calm him but he wouldn't even take that. He was very scared of the pain and what would happen. He was very upset and even striking out if we got too close. I asked the staff to give us a minute alone and we prayed. Eventually he consented and I asked that just the PEG nurse accompany us. Pads did the whole thing himself: extract the water in the balloon which keeps the button inside and pulled the old mic-key out. He allowed the PEG nurse to insert the new button but he was back in control filling up the new balloon. In doing this he broke through yet another moment of paralysing fear.
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