Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ultrasound results

The medical team decided to send Pads for an ultrasound investigation of his tummy. He was pretty nervous about this. For one thing his tummy really hurts under any amount of pressure, for another, he was told he'd need to go down with a full bladder. I'd pushed 300mls through the mic-key tube in an hour and we nervously made for the lift. By the time we arrived at the radiographer he was in quite a bit of distress. 'How would he cope with being probed around his bladder area!?', I thought. The radiographer introduced herself but said she did not ask for his bladder to be full. This was some relief, but we still had to get him to the loo. He walked further then, to the loo and back, than he had done for days!
The investigation, involves sweeping a handheld scanner over lubricated skin, invoked a few gasps, but the radiographer worked expertly around the painful patch. She said she could see nothing of note. So the theory remains that this pain is due to an infection or irritation in his large bowel.
Sarah sat with him this evening for mum and dad to attend the prayer meeting together. By the end of her stint she thought the mic-key site was looking less inflamed. Also, Pads was asking for a cup of tea and hinting he might like a burger - these are classic signs that he's on the mend. Let's hope he finally starts to make some progress overnight and tomorrow.

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