Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family meal in LATCH kitchen
This is us enjoying a brief time all sat at one table in the LATCH accommodation, just above the ward where Pads is staying. Pads had just been disconnected for the evening, making him machine/line free for the first time in days.
He certainly has been a lot brighter today, probably down to a better fitting mic-key button as much as anything to do with combating infections etc. Earlier I'd decided to escape him to the adolescent room, as was. I'm told it wasnt used very much, so it gets used for consultations, etc. That's following the opening of the Teenage Cancer Trust spaces in the hospital. Still, being able to use that room was so inviting that he willingly walked the 20 yards and he thoroughly enjoyed watching a film (Avatar) that was too old for the younger children on the ward, and without being buzzed by them either.
But nothing's straightforward with Pads. His blood counts are still not up and the antibiotic induced loose bowels is really coming to the fore. At least they've identified that the bug they need to target is staph aureus, and that it's of the 'sensitive' kind, i.e. rather than it being the antibiotic-resistant kind!

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