Saturday, July 10, 2010

Improving situation

Pads' move to isolation is purely precautionary: if someone gets a tummy bug, it can spread like wildfire on the ward. But what Pads has is almost certainly antibiotic-related. Although they didnt settle until midnight, since there was just one disturbance at 5:30am, that counts as a good night, and certainly better than expected. The mic-key site is looking 'amazing' (i.e. his infection is clearing).
Meanwhile, Moli has left for two weeks working at the massive Fairford air tatoo with the Air Cadets. We only found out Thursday morning that there was a space available. The Commanding Officer and his quatermaster went out of their way to meet us at the barracks and get her fully kitted out, including shiny boots that had already been broken in.

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