Saturday, July 10, 2010


Pads blood counts slipped back slightly again, from neutraphils of 0.2 yesterday to 0.1 today. But the medical team are still planning to starve him from 6am Sunday, in the hope that he can go ahead with a brief operation to insert a 'vascath' (a line into a big vein in his groin). That will give him the extra girth to minimise the time spent on the machine harvesting stem cells. There is some doubt that the harvest will/can go ahead anytime soon but the vascath op is a necessary precursor.
I spent quite a couple of hours tonight helping Pads with his stubble. Although his hair had been clipped last week because it had started to come out, tonight it was really on the move. He tried wetting it and smoothing it out but that was not as effective as strips of cellotape, stuck on and pulled off, taking lines of stubble with it.
Apart from that, it's been fairly uneventful - for a change! Pad's pain is minimal, temps around 37 and his mic-key site is less inflamed.

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