Sunday, July 11, 2010


Pads' blood sample was spared a taxi ride to Bristol earlier when one SHO decided it was worth checking if Bristol actually did the CD-34 test on a Sunday or not. Apparently, akin with Cardiff, they don't. This is a blood test specifically to look for signs that the stem cells are ripening for harvest. Unless it's another 'Sunday reading' (according to some, Sunday blood counts are often not as reliable), P's neutrophils have improved again today. He's very chirpy, full-on banter with the nurse just then. Earlier he'd gone for a walk with Ruth, Rhys and company, teasing Rhys to walk faster and challenging him to a race up the stairs! He's being starved from 2am, in anticipation of an early slot in theatre to get the vascath put in. He's pretty cheery at the prospect, grateful at not having to be awake for it.
So, depending on how the CD-34 result goes tomorrow, Ally may be going to a LATCH-sponsored 'pamper day' and, later on, watching the smalls sing in the choir for the year 6 leaving show. Or she may be bombing off with Pads to Bristol for the stem cell harvest.
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