Monday, July 12, 2010

On the launchpad

No pun intended. This morning was a fairly painless waiting game. At least it meant that Ally could attend her LATCH mums' pamper day. The CD-34 result took an age to come through. Meanwhile, he kipped, read, watched telly, wii'd and wee'd. Pads agreed to allow a 3rd year student nurse administer his GCSF. It took a while for her to insert the needle into the venuflon, but he hardly flinched as the fluid went in, a 'far cry' from last week. Remembering they started on the 28th June and were expected to go on for 7-10 days, he's actually had 15 of these!
In spite of the calm in our 'isolation' room, apparently, there were frantic negotiations between our ward, Cardiff theatres and Bristol. Cardiff theatres had a backlog of 15 cases and so our people were looking around for options: Pads was unnerved at the fairly urgent poking his arms were subjected to as the consultant looked for a good vein. Perhaps Bristol could be persuaded to do the harvest with lines into his arm (as per adults), instead of him needing the vas-cath. In the end, Bristol came up trumps, we just had to get him there by 5pm! It is amazing how quickly things move once a plan is hatched - quite bewildering, even disorientating. At 16:24, Pads txts me to say they're crossing the bridge. Never having been before, Ally was very grateful to get a parking space very near the required entrance.
Although Pads was 'nil by mouth' from 6am, he doesnt eat much so it's hardly a big deal. As the day wore on though, he would at least liked to have drunk something - they put up IV fluids instead to keep him hydrated. By the time it had been decided that Bristol were not going to put the vas-cath in tonight (urgent cardiac case put paid to that), he was ready for a burger. It's always a significant event in his recovery when he not only wants a burger, but actually still wants it when it arrives, and then eats more than half of it.
Back home, the smalls were in the choir for the Year 6 leavers' show - a Welsh version of Lion King. They'd been singing the catchy songs for weeks. It was a wonderful production with some outstanding performances. Everyone clearly enjoyed themselves - at least one parent was able to see them.

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