Saturday, July 31, 2010

in out, in out

Pads was keen to escape the confines of his hospital room this morning. He'd had a sensible night of temperature readings. It would be hard to account for that being down to just one dose of paracetamol. So the team are slightly mystified about the temp spike yesterday. We couldn't remember him reacting to platelets before... The labs are seeing what bacteria grows from his blood sample before the doctors will let him off the the antibiotic (tazocin). If nothing shows up after 48 hours, he's in the clear. That would be great because antibiotics disturb his guts.
But he's feeling quite well in general, in spite of his cold which is tailing off now. He was determined to come out to the final service of the Summer Conference tonight, and, because we live so close, the hospital were willing for him to pop in to have the IV antibiotics, rather than have to sit about on the ward for them. They go in six-hourly, so he left the ward after the noon dose, went back in for the 6pm dose, and then came out for the meeting. He was in cracking form, having sat in isolation for the service and then popping off to do his job with the CD team, who produced box sets of conference addresses within 30 minutes of the last one ending! It was a clear example of how all the preparation for the week has paid dividends.
After this, Pads and mum returned to the ward to have the midnight and 6am antibiotic doses.

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