Saturday, July 3, 2010


Earlier, Pad's tummy had been x-rayed. It was thought that one possibility for the pain in his stomach might have been the mic-key button pipe leaking feed etc. into his abdoment, instead of it being nicely sealed. A dye was injected into the mic-key and we were able to see the progress of the fluid in through the tube and succesfully into his stomach. Good result.
When I left them just now, Pads was still quietly running a slight temperature, just above 38. This was being controlled by paracetamol. The departing nurse suggested that he'd be in for a further few days to sort this infection out. We hope to find out tomorrow if/how this might affect the stem-cell harvest planned for the coming week. He was in no fit shape for visitors all day. With 24 hours of antibiotics on board, perhaps that'll change for the better tomorrow.

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