Saturday, July 3, 2010

Goes with the territory

Pads is now on 3 types of antibiotics, oral morphine and paracetamol. So he's comfortably doped up (pain score down from 7 to 3) watching Piorot. His blood counts are low so he'll be having platelets infused later and probably blood by the end of the weekend. The next thing is for him to have an abdominal x-ray. The surgeon visited to assess the mic-key site which has been weeping and it's near there that the pain has been located. There was a difference of opinion about whether his tum is distended but the investigation is going ahead. They put some dye into the mic-key and x-ray it, so a ride on the bed through the hospital is imminent.
It has to be said that he's not very well and this is what the consultant meant the other week, when we were discussing treatment options, about him not really coping with chemo all that well.
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