Saturday, July 3, 2010

Infection around Mic-key site

Pads has been in hospital since about 2:30am. He'd been staying in Neil & Sarah's to avoid any noise the party boys might generate (they were good as gold actually). He's been reporting tummy pain, but in the small hours, it really escalated after he'd got up for the loo and been ill to boot. Sarah managed to rouse us and Neil drove us in and slept in our house to mind the party boys. The infection had not proceeded as far as causing a temperature spike but that was only going to be a matter of time. Because we live so close, enough medication could be thrown at him early enough to catch it before it got very serious. The nurses were really excellent. Although the ward was all but full, he occupied an assessment room as they worked on helping him deal with the severe pain spasms and bringing his blood pressure up. I left him at 6:30am resting, but with another spasm about to kick off. With his blood counts so low, the bugs were positively queuing up to take advantage. It's a sniff at what's coming when he gets to the mega-dose chemo.

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