Friday, July 2, 2010


Unusually for him, Pads dipped in his sense of well-being just in time to see the consultant today. We were consenting for the stem-cell harvest. That should happen next week, but the whole thing is very contingent on what happens with his blood counts. They took some today and his neutrophils are at zero and 0.4 white cells. So that's his bone marrow emptied, now we're waiting for the GCSF to stimulate the production dramatically. That should start to happen over the next couple of days keeping this vulnerable spell short. We're increasing his tube-feeding, as his appetite is still weak and only likely to fall off more. The feed may help fend off the feelings of being starving but then actually not wanting to eat what's put in front of him. He was thinking of having a burger, but just 100mls of pediasure was enough to put him off that. A cup of orange juice was all that was required.
On Wednesday we decided to have Asher's birthday party early. They're an easy bunch to have over, always interested in each other. Games in the park, pizza, films (including Gatland's Guns), sleepover. Easy.
Cake-stand birthday cake

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