Monday, August 30, 2010

Cavilon to the rescue

After a number of hours sleeping, Pads and I were both a bit brighter today. Pads was keen to get out of bed and sit up in the armchair to play on the wii. But in fact his condition is worse today.
After a couple of breakthrough doses of morphine this afternoon for ear pain, Pads' background dose of morphine has increased to 2mg per hour from the 1mg on Saturday. There is no let up at all in the thick saliva - it is really getting to him. He's finding that the nebuliser makes his mouth even drier so that is not providing the relief we'd hoped for.
His skin is also starting to break down in various areas, giving off more pain, although thankfully there are no infections in these sites yet. We're being very ginger about cleaning those areas and applying plenty of Cavilon. cream. We've just changed his mattress for something more comfortable and a 'proper' air mattress is being ordered for tomorrow.
Right in the thick of all of this he's still able to raise a quick quip! The staff are all saying that he's doing as well as could be expected.

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