Sunday, August 29, 2010

Enjoying the nebuliser

Mum and Pads had had a hard disturbed night, with one request for breakthrough pain relief. He drops off to sleep easily but wakes again when the gooey saliva builds up enough to threaten his breathing.
At noon today, one of the nurses suggested nebulising saline water to loosen his saliva up a bit. This seemed to work really well and he can have it as often as he wants. He can breathe 10 minutes of cool steam, very gentle and effective at breaking up the saliva (which Ruth described well as like clear mastic), as an alternative to juggling an ice-cube around his ulcerated mouth.
Pads has been mostly very quiet, although became more animated when his siblings appeared at the door for a wave after church tonight.
So, thankfully, we press on past another day without uncontrolable temperatures or serious reactions to the drug cocktail.

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