Thursday, August 26, 2010

Held together by drugs

Over the last 24 hours, Pads has had platelets (they've raised the level at which they'll give these to 70 instead of 30 after finding blood where it shouldnt be), Caspofungin (because they found yeast where it shouldnt be), Metronidazole, paracetamol, thyroxine, oramorph, omeprazole, vitamin K, Meropenem, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), magnesium, potassium, piriton, diflam, antiseptic mouthwash, sudocrem, and now he's having an IV fluid bolus to boost his blood pressure.
Throat pain has reduced speech to barely a whisper now. He's got hightened phlegm-production because of this inflamation. In spite of all these factors, he's just carrying on through it all with hardly a murmur.

Temp at 10pm was 37.2 and at 11pm 37.6. Apparently he looks a bit like he's got 'red man' syndrome - red and slightly puffy cheeks. After a very disturbed night, he did not really wake up today until 4pm, when a bout of online Connect 4 kept him amused for quite a while (you might catch him on Before that he'd come around for just about long enough to ask a question but could hardly give an answer before slipping off again... even if it was about things people were offering to get for him! A friend from church kindly offered to get him a film or audio book. A colleague from work kindly offered to get him some comics. But he was more tired/ill than bored. With the love-film subscription, an almost unlimited selection of films is at his disposal, but it's been a challenge to choose movies which are good enough. He's becoming quite a 'buff' and so many films contain profane language and portray attitudes towards sex which are far removed from the wholesome, common sense Biblical ideals that make for sustainable society.

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