Saturday, August 28, 2010

IV Morphine

The switch to IV morphine was made when the oramorph was not working well enough for Pads. Especially after being sick, his raw esophagus and ulcerated mouth send the pain score straight to 10/10. Paracetamol still has it's uses though. It helped to suppress his temperature, 38.6 at one point, so that the fever-delayed unit of platelets could be infused. His HB is holding up quite well at around 10, but white blood cells are few and far between.
Pads seemed to spend a lot of time today trying to expel viscous saliva which otherwise bubbles away between his lips. The ward's highly sympathetic staff had to endure quite a bit of this before Pads was able to answer their questions. We're told that this kind of thing can go on for another 3 or more days. Pads' endurance and patience through it is remarkable. This 'mucositis' is all part of the effects of chemotherapy, which we signed up to before the treatment began.

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