Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Pads awoke at 3am, 'I don't feel good'. That normally gives the attendant carer about 30 seconds max. Actually, it happened 3 hours later. It was like something off a game-show trying to unplug the right pumps in the dark so he could get to the en suite.
So not a bad night really. It was hard to know whether to ask for additional anti-sickness meds because I was concerned that cyclizine can make him dopey. I needn't have worried - he was both dopey and ill. By 10 I decided that more dopey and less ill was worth a try. He perked up quite a bit, enjoying visits from Ash and Hannah with Reuben.
The infusion lasted from 11-3pm and so he was free to roam afterwards... But he was happy to stay in bed.

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