Friday, August 13, 2010

Testing day

Pads has patiently moved through a series of tests today. They've taken samples and swabs from lots of places: the medical team want to get a complete picture of what bugs, if any, are currently inhabiting him. They also did an echo cardiogram and an MRI scan. We were pleased to confirm that the results of the GFR the other day showed his kidneys are in good shape and we also know now today that his heart is performing normally too.
Pads was very good for his scan again. Without wanting to sound ungrateful, it's cold, noisy, claustrophobic and long. I smiled when the radiographer told me the results would be available from the MRI in about 10 days. No way will they take that long - the team will want the results before starting chemo on Monday! So the clock is ticking towards the treatment, it very much feels like the calm before the storm.
We found out today that the Dr Who exhibition pass we used last week came from a small charity called Jacob's Starz. Bo and P had great fun with the 'Green Screen'...

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