Monday, August 2, 2010

Two good days

Pads has been on an even keel for the last few days, making it to both services on Sunday, and today he went out with the others for a trip to the movies, thanks to Auntie Bethan. The boys are enjoying the holiday; the wii provides a way that they can have a good time together without excluding Pads who can't take a lot of physical activity. It was strange this afternoon to both be off work and without any children at home. We took the opportunity to go on a wide circuit walk around the Roath area and back home.
Pads has been tugging at his eyebrows, encouraging them and his eye-lashes to come out. Pretty soon he'll have no hair on his head  at all.

1 comment:

Susanna said...

I tug on my eyebrows but in my case it is a bad habit! David has to tell me to leave them alone! Hope that made you smile :)