Sunday, September 12, 2010

After the bout of sickness at 3.30am, Pads asked me to pray. To my surprise the Dr opted for Nozinan, which has a sedative side-effect, and he was able to sleep, mostly uninterrupted, until the ward round. The good news today was that they're stopping the anti-biotics. He's kept good temps and blood pressure for the last few days. This meant he was not required on the ward from 11am - 6pm. He was unwilling to budge, tired and demoralised from the sickness; not even very confident about leaving the cocoon. Eventually I just told him we were going home and he responded well. Although reaching for a receptacle on several occasions, he has not been sick since this morning. This in spite of having sipped a cup of tea and tasted a tiny bit of ham. The chemo even makes water taste disgusting at present, which could continue for months.
But while he's sleeping, I need to get my head down in case the night starts to hot up again.
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