Sunday, September 12, 2010

Progress but grim nights

Pads was very pleased to make it home for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. He particularly enjoyed seeing the dog. The ward's cronkiest wheelchair, without footplates, made for an interesting sight as he paddled along. At one particularly sharp step he agreed to get up, but his gait was all over the place. It was fantastic seeing him arrive home, looking every inch the 'chemo kid'; even his eyelashes are few and far between.
When he returned to the ward at 3pm for an antibiotic dose, he was cheerful but exhausted. Regular bouts of being sick have contributed to wearing him out and down. Even with nothing at all going into the stomach, he gets bouts of strong wretching hourly, or more frequently. The last hour (12-1am) has been hard: it is as bad as sickness has ever been since starting chemo. The Dr just reviewed him and, if things continue like this, has offered to re-introduce cyclizine (on top of the other two anti-emetics).
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