Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the (fluid) balance

It was another fairly quiet day, so far. Pads was in bed until noon, not so unusual for any teenager I suppose! But he's quite weak and tires very quickly. Just moving about can make him feel ill to the 'point of no return'. With the objective of 1500mls in 24hrs, we're on edge a lot of the time: if he starts to feel bad, we're thinking about what can be done to avoid him being sick. The range of options is diversion and medication, but inevitably these are not always going to work. He'd not been ill all day... until just a moment ago! In spite of that, thankfully we should be well clear of our target by the morning.
Earlier, we trundled over the park and back to give a blood sample. The results showed that his counts are 'perfect', but that his sodium and potassium are down - possibly 'leaky' kidneys - so these are being supplimented, on top of the other medication.
We don't have any indication of when this stage will draw to a close, but we're told that eating is unlikely to resume until the third month after treatment.

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