Tuesday, September 7, 2010

'M' was for maths!

We've been doing a 'count-up' chart, rather than a 'count-down' one, that way we avoid disappointments but still mark time...

Count up chart

The teacher visited yesterday and Pads was overjoyed to take part in a brief spell of maths. Thankfully that was about the worst thing that happened! His mouth continues to heal up, with just a few ulcers remaining.
He'd been having odd little spikes in temperature (he was 38.1 at noon today) and the Dr's were thinking of sending him for a chest xray but decided against as he doesnt have a cough and they really couldn't hear anything with stethoscopes. Pads had a unit of blood yesterday because his HB count was edging below 8. The medics were also a bit worried about his levels of sodium, but, by today, this was adjusted by reducing the TPN (IV feed).
The nights are still quite disturbed... he's been doing more talking in his sleep. This puts the carer on edge as you're always on the lookout for, 'I feel sick', or 'I need the toilet'... quite tiring!

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