Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Off the IV morphine

Pads has had quite a good day after a relatively calm night. The nurse spotted a mystery rash at midnight and the Drs had a look (under merciless full beam lights!). The rash spread throughout the night and morning - this was itchy but piriton soothed it well enough. Pads' temperature swung up to 38.6 at one point but paracetamol coped with that too. We didnt see much of the Drs today because the ward was so busy, but it was sort of comforting to not be a priority case. Pads passed much of the the day with his DS (Prof Layton) and Wii (Spore Hero).
His blood counts are doing fairly well too and the pain has subsided to the point where he's been weaned off IV morphine, he's getting the oral form instead (oramorph). In fact, just now, he's only got the PEG feed pump active on the drip stand (going through at 25ml/hr)... but he declined the offer of a walk outside his room.

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