Thursday, September 23, 2010

Managing expectations

Pads is still doing quite well. We've had two good nights - neither of us having to get up to assist and no alarms going off. He's also sat up with us for the evening meal both evenings. After doing some work with the tutor about Moby Dick, this afternoon he went for his first trip in the car since the beginning of August.
My 'fit note' runs out after next Wednesday, but with the worst of the treatment in the past, it feels right to go back to work full time. The immediate future will require quite a lot of patience; we can't expect too much of Pads too soon. It's easy to fall into that trap as, within the bounds of home, and the little excursions he can manage, he's bright and looks well.
There's still no word yet as to when the radiotherapy is expected to begin, but we may not get much warning.

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