Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trips and radiotherapy plans

Pads still needs two lots of anti-sickness drugs, as we discovered on Friday morning, having neglected to give Nosinan in the Thursday evening drug round. But he recovered enough for tutor-time again, and then on to an audiology appointment which revealed a significant deficit. At the clinic check-up afterwards, he continues to please the staff with good progress.
In the evening, Pads made it to his first Friday Fellowship since hi-dose. it was a preaching ralley, so he watched the video relay from an armchair in the back-room. Jonathan Munday of Exeter spoke wonderfully from Mark 1:15, 'Repent and believe the gospel'. Although Pads says he stayed up too long after the service, there was much mutual enjoyment and he could have bailed out at any point. In any case, he was not adversely affected. Today he was up and able to come out for a trip to Cardiff Bay, albeit reliant on the wheelchair.
Yesterday we had the dates preparatory to radiotherapy: MRI scan on Tuesday; Wednesday is the mould fitting for a new mask; CT scan on Thursday and we have a tentative date for the treatment starting, to be confirmed on Tuesday. I took the call and was asked if he is 'into anything', as it sounds like they want to make another countdown chart. It's not an easy question because he's just never been particularly into anything, never needed to wear 'labels' and generally non-materialistic... Anyway, he can answer for himself on Tuesday.

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