Thursday, September 16, 2010

Watery diet brings him back from the brink of an early return to hospital

We end the day on a significantly better footing than it began. He really did not want to go back into hospital, but an IV dose of anti-emetics seemed the only way to keep his medicines inside him for long enough to absorb them and keep him hydrated. After having a few conversations with ward staff, Ally was very carefully trying to monitor how much fluid he was keeping on board. We decided to abandon the complete nutrition feed and settle for water via the pump. This paid off because, when he did have the occasional heave, there was nothing to bring up - the water had gone through. It's fair to say that Pads was on good form tonight after a very quiet day, and he's missing the calories. His conversation all evening was 'food': what he would eat when he was well enough (sirloin!); how disappointingly mild the hottest pizza in Pizza Express was, etc. etc. I was tempted to give a 'bolus' of osmalite into his tummy, but thought better of it - try tomorrow.

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