Monday, October 18, 2010

First dose over with

Pads coped very well with the discomfort of being firmly bolted to the slab for radiotherapy today. It is great to just have four doses, lasting about 20 minutes. The radiotherapists take good care of him though. Afterwards, Hollie had been very busy working up something special by way of a countdown chart.
He's not into the usual 'teenager' stuff, or sport (much). The best we could do was come up with the comedy wildlife voice-over series on the BBC that the family watches occasionally on i-player. Perhaps they were remembering last time, when he found it almost impossible to choose a sticker for his tardis count-down chart (from their slightly 'young' selection)... he's got an envelope for each day, with a special animal picture taken from the series inside it. Today it was 'Sid', whose conscience calls to him from another tree...

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