Sunday, October 17, 2010

Enjoying life

Pads walked around ASDA yesterday and developed a real urge to 'do something a bit different'. But nothing seemed to appeal, except a visit to McDonalds. He drank the coke (a first) and ate half a cheeseburger. Later, the smalls brought him some sweets which he munched. These are pretty usual by most standards, but not for P.
We're enjoying the autumn colours. Pads continually remarks on the state of the trees in Heath Park: they change each time he trundles over to the hospital. Although he didn't feel able to come out to church this evening, he was happy to take some autumn air and see the trees. We used the wheelchair as his feet were sore from a lot of standing and walking. I had no recall of that except for alarm at the sight of him lugging the coffee table between rooms for a jigsaw surface.
The current list of medication is:
Septrin - (antibiotic) 5ml twice a day on weekends only
Sodium - 4ml twice a day
Ondansetron - 5ml twice a day
Nozinan - 1/4 tablet before bed
Amiloride - 5ml twice a day
Osmalite - 500ml
Jevity - 500ml
Dioralite - 500ml
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