Friday, October 15, 2010

Pads, Maelan and Ruth

Yesterday Pads mentioned school, wondering about when he'd go again. We've got no real expectations of that until at least the New Year, but even that is really quite ambitious. But just for him to be thinking about it was a sign of progress. He enjoyed half a mince-pie for pudding too, which is the first sweet thing (apart from tea) that's passed his lips since before the hi-dose chemo. He was very tired tonight going to bed. There were no medical interventions these past couple of days - it was front-loaded into the start of the week. He's got a lot next week though. Bloods taken and radiotherapy starting on Monday  for four days. Tuesday is ENT and Wednesday is audiology, plus seeing the consultant on Thursday.
Ally was able to attend Maelan's funeral today. He'd been battling leukemia for two years. He and Pads were very ill in hospital at around the same time recently. We felt a lot of sympathy and affinity with his family, as did many others who were also in attendance, including many staff and mums of cancer kids from Sky ward.
My sister Ruth had investigatory surgery to remove some lymph nodes on Wednesday. The location of the surgery is making her recovery more drawn out than anticipated - it's 'knocked her for six'. Spending days lying down is not like her at all. She's always so active in putting herself out for others - now it's time for us to help her.

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