Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Next steps...?

Pads has been continuing in the same vein really, and so we started a conversation about school, trying to leave the options wide open, including mum travelling with him so he could just be in for an hour, just having the tutor (who has taken students like Pads right through GCSE's before), etc., etc.. This upset him up a bit: there are so many 'issues' and it'll take us a while to work through them and arrive at the best route for him. Pads is generally quite well, although he was ill this morning, Sunday morning and last Wednesday. So he and mum popped in to the ward. The decision was to increase his anti-sickness meds. Pads was due to go in today anyway to pick up his hearing aids. They're fit neatly but he's still acutely conscious of them. This is especially true when they're switched on, they seem very loud at the moment!
By the way, Season's Greetings from the 'Flash Mob'

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