Sunday, November 28, 2010

The best hearing aids the NHS can give

In church today, Pads was showing the other hearing-aid wearers his new kit. He'd been to get them fitted on Wednesday and Ally was stunned at the of technology. They're really quite small and, when his hair grows to his ears they really will be hard to spot. The transparant plastic tube does not fill his ear, it just boosts the higher frequencies, compensating for the defecit incurred through chemotherapy... clever stuff. Pads was a bit shocked at the effect initially but he's getting used to them quickly. They are the very latest and best hearing aids the NHS can give. They're even helping his tinitus.
There were lots of things worrying Pads about school. Perhaps the biggest one was the travel. We have also heard very good things about the level of support in the local Welsh-medium school, the one that Pads' contemporaries all went to. They were very accommodating and have agreed to meet us tomorrow for a chat. It is literally ten minutes drive away, three minutes from where Ally works... so you can see that would make a big difference to being able to 'rescue' him if needed.

Time to dig out the Christmas scripture reading plan... Here's the word document version...

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