Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Changing school

Pads did 2 hours with the tutor, even after the exciting trip to Glantaf. On the way there Pads said he felt a bit anxious but it was only because of the unknown. Our meeting was with two teachers who already knew Padrig from swimming lesson days. Mr Evans and Mrs Jones are legends in their own lifetime. It is hard to imagine two kinder individuals in the same room. They were an excellent balance of letting Pads set the pace while suggesting a way forward which was positive. He's still in touch with one or two pupils from primary school days so the teachers found the timetable which will allow Pads to slip in to any lesson he wants to, accompanied by his best friend. We just need to let the school know in advance so they can make the arrangements.
Pads' first 'lesson' is planned for Friday. He'll arrive after the lunch-break madness has calmed down and leave before the home-time stampede. This is all about easing him in as gently as possible. They were not concerned to even look at the previous reports we'd brought along - save that for the New Year. The teachers were at pains to encourage Pads to speak to them if he has any worries at all.
We had heard from friends how good Glantaf had been with their child after traumatic treatment and, so far, they've lived up to the talk.
Naturally it will be disappointing for his previous school and his big sister, but we're all intent on doing what's best for him. A large part of the struggle to get him up and out in the mornings to school has been the sheer distance he'd have to travel before lessons even started. Glantaf is only minutes away, making him far more accessible for rescue missions. I think he's quite looking forward to it.

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