Sunday, December 5, 2010


Pads' much anticipated first step towards re-joining the education system went very well on Friday. There had been an announcement to the whole school about a boy who had been very ill visiting Year 8, and that he had to wear a hat that no-one was allowed to remove. The newly acquired uniform was not required in the event: that morning we'd spied Glantafians going to school in 'civies'. After being made to wait a while at reception because, apparently, there'd been a room change, Pads' friend appeared and off they went. It was a Welsh lesson which drew no comment from Pads afterwards except that lots of people were struggling to get his name right. It is hard to describe what a big first step this was for Pads, but everyone wants to go at his pace and everyone is rooting for him. Pads' cousins who attend Glantaf are delighted that he's going there and have vowed to look after him. We've asked gently about his next visit but he's in no rush. The thought of history is appealing as much as anything, not having done any of that with the tutor. Bouts of normality can lull one into a miss-placed sense of security...
On Saturday night we went out for a lovely meal with two other families. Perhaps he'd eaten too much, or too much of the wrong thing, but P didn't make it to the bathroom in time, and, as Ally led him off in that direction (still gagging), I helped clear up, explaining the situation to staff and diners... Thankfully, everyone was very kind. Also thankfully Pads recovered well enough that we did not have to leave there and then. On the contrary, we were able to relax again and enjoy the time together.
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